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Vermont Heating & Ventilating

Early Bird gets the Lead Free* Products, and Customer Satisfaction, too

Winooski, VT
Lead Free
Approx. 100 regular customers.
VHV serves customers throughout the New England area and New York.
Some manufacturers didn't take the switch to Lead Free* seriously, so the trickle-down affect hit VHV hard.
Watts Water provided the leadership and the technology — across all product lines — providing immediate access to Lead Free* products.
Now 100% Lead Free* compliant.

As a mechanical contractor, Vermont Heating & Ventilating was stuck at the bottom of the food chain when the Lead Free* law came into effect in 2010. VHV couldn't install any Lead Free* products until their wholesalers had the Lead Free* products — and the wholesalers had to wait on the manufacturers.

That's why Scott Redfield, head of the product purchasing department at Vermont Heating & Ventilating, gives this piece of advice: "Don't wait until the law goes into effect. Plan for it 6 months to a year ahead of time." VHV experienced unprepared vendors and long waits for Lead Free* products.

Of all of the companies that they dealt with, the only one with a sense of stability was Watts Water Technologies. "Watts Water was very helpful in our transition. They were proactive in getting us the products we needed; other companies waited to get Lead Free* products in stock, and only when they figured they absolutely had to," said Redfield.

Since the switch, VHV has fully adjusted to Lead Free* and their experts are now familiar with all Lead Free* products. "At first there was a learning curve, but now it's a way of life," added Redfield.

*Lead Free: The wetted surface of our Lead Free products contacted by consumable water contain less than 0.25% of lead by weight.