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Watts Water and Lead Free

Watts Water and Our Lead Free Initiatives

For more than 135 years, the companies of Watts Water have provided products that are compliant with Federal and State mandates. The company’s commitment to providing fully-compliant, high-quality products that meet the requirements of the new national Lead Free law is no different. Specifically, here is what Watts Water and its companies have done to ensure a smooth transition to Lead Free for all of its customers:

  • Built a multi-million dollar state-of-the-art foundry designed to produce Lead Free products exclusively & eliminate the risk of cross contamination between leaded and Lead Free products
  • Invested heavily & conducted extensive R&D in compliant Lead Free alloys
  • Worked closely with the largest suppliers in the world to safeguard the quality of raw materials
  • Made a significant investment in testing equipment for verifying the Lead Free content of both its own products and those from suppliers
  • Continued a long-standing partnership with NSF International as the agency of choice for testing and certifying the Lead Free content of products
  • Clearly identified Lead Free products through labels and other identifiers
  • Provided a variety of educational resources and on-going industry updates

Investing in Lead Free Innovation

Expansion to our Franklin, NH foundry.

Watts Water is committed to helping its customers make the change to Lead Free as smooth as possible. To that end the company has made significant investments in several key areas. Here’s just a sampling of the investments we’ve made to date:

  • A new multimillion dollar foundry located adjacent to its existing foundry in Franklin, NH. Click here to learn more
  • Testing equipment for verifying Lead Free product content
  • 10 years’ of research & development into new Lead Free alloys.
    Click here to learn more
  • Dedicated staff, employees, and resources across all departments

We continue to commit resources to the Lead Free initiative, and we will continue that investment until every one of our customers has made the transition.

Labeling and Identifying Lead Free* Products

Lead Free* Label Sample

This is a large, administrative product transition for Watts Water, impacting some 10,000 SKU’s. Managing such a change in production/distribution will require skill, planning and communication.

Our brands are implementing new Lead Free* product labeling that will clearly identify our Lead Free* offering. Lead Free* will appear in big bold letters on all levels of product packaging. This is important to ensure end users that the products they are purchasing meet the new standards.

In addition, where both a traditional and Lead Free* version of a product exists, our brands are adding an "LF" prefix to the Lead Free* product’s model number to easily identify it as Lead Free*. All product documentation including specification sheets, installation manuals, brochures and catalogs are also being updated to clearly identify Lead Free* products. Lastly, on many products we are adding an "LF" mark on the body of the product to signify that it is Lead Free*. This will allow for easy identification in the field or after installation.

Experience in Helping our Channels Go Lead Free*

Helping our Customers

We have gained valuable insight helping hundreds of customers during the Lead Free* transition across California, Vermont and Maryland. We supported them by continuously adapting our inventory planning and logistics to help them adapt to changes in their market.

Our network of manufacturer’s representatives across the country are very knowledgeable in the business. They are ready to serve you in this transition and ensure you have the information you need for success.

Experience in Adopting Leading Technology

Screen shot of WaAreLeadFree.net homepage launched in 2009.

In 2009, Watts Water Technologies, Inc. launched its website WeAreLeadFree.net, the first dedicated resource for educating, informing and transitioning distributors, engineers and plumbing professionals in the country to Lead Free*. The site went live early in 2009, leading the industry by nearly a year before California's Lead Free* law went into effect. To date, we’ve had over 60,000+ people come to our site and start their transition to Lead Free*.

*Lead Free: The wetted surface of our Lead Free products contacted by consumable water contain less than 0.25% of lead by weight.